Raspberry Pi Wireless Connectivity

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome little platform with uses from education to home automation. If you rely upon it to host a process or application wirelessly, you will sooner or later find it unavailable on the network. If you search the Internet you’ll find several “solutions”, some work a little, some not at all.

I’ve developed a script and a process to keep it running which will shut off power management for the wireless adapter and try to ping the gateway on interval. If the ping fails for a certain number of times, it will reset the adapter. If it continues to fail it can (optionally) reboot the Pi.

Install with the following command:

curl -L wifi.brewpiremix.com | sudo bash

If you wish to enable the reboot function, edit these lines:

# Reboot on failure

Add change to:

# Reboot on failure

After that change, reboot, or restart the daemon with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart wificheck

The git repository may be found here.