BrewPi Pages

If you are looking for the documentation for BrewPi Remix, the authoritative source is

You will especially want to review the article below on BrewPi Hardware, as that’s not been added to the documentation repo yet.

  • What is BrewPi? – Maybe you don’t know, it’s not a bad thing. Read all about it.
  • BrewPi Hardware – This is the hardware you will need to procure and configure in order to put together this project.
  • BrewPi Remix Install – How to install BrewPi Remix which supports newer Raspbian images and with updated capabilities. This is why most people are here.
  • BrewPi Initial Configuration – Pending
  • BrewPi on WiFi – How to set up a WiFi installation on an inexpensive import board.
  • BrewPi on Bluetooth – How to set up a Bluetooth installation with your existing Arduino.
  • For the Masochists – Details a manual install for the paranoid security-conscious or those who feel the need to tinker.
  • Add Reboot and Shutdown Buttons – Specific to the original BrewPi project, not yet reviewed for the BrewPi Legacy Remix (BLR) project. This shows how to … (drum roll please) … add reboot and shutdown buttons to the BrewPi UI.
  • Legacy Jessie or Stretch Install – (Deprecated) instructions to install the Legacy BrewPi (original) under Jessie or Stretch. This is included for historical information only and will no longer work as written because of dependencies on PHP5 among other things.
  • BrewPi on Windows under WAMP – This was reviewed some time back, using Legacy BrewPi (original). I strongly suspect this will no longer work as-is, however it may get someone close. WAMP is a horrible kludge in my opinion, if you MUST run BrewPi under Windows, using an Oracle VirtualBox running Debian/Raspberry Pi Desktop would be a MUCH better choice. WAMP would be a choice for people who find value in intellectual achievements rather than practicality.