BrewPi Remix Install

This is my fork of the original BrewPi Project. If you are looking for the original, please click here.

BrewPi Legacy Remix runs on a Raspberry Pi, communicating with an Arduino. Despite the original creators no longer actively supporting BrewPi on Arduino, and despite the Arduino being arguably one of the least capable controllers on the market, BrewPi on Arduino still has an amazing following among home brewers. When I last checked there were 7473 posts in this thread on since March 19, 2014 when @FuzzeWuzze started the thread.

Before we proceed, a huge thank you to Elco Jacobs, without whom none of this would be possible.

Please also check Assumptions and Proceedings before continuing if you are not starting with a bone-stock fresh install of Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi.

To begin installing BrewPi, you need only issue the following command in a terminal window or via ssh on your Internet-connected Raspberry Pi:

curl -L | sudo bash

or the underlying link:

curl -L | sudo bash

Both of these are the same, I just created a short URL to make it easier for you. Some folks prefer not to be redirected, so the regular link is there as well

If you have a broken installation and/or need to run the uninstaller without BrewPi being installed correctly for some reason, you may use:

curl -L | sudo bash

If you’d like even more, here’s a YouTube video showing the entire process on version 0.5.1:

If you have questions, please read the FAQ.

Step by step instructions, with descriptions of each step, are being developed. I do however think each step has enough instructions to get the average person going if you just slow down and read them.

If you hate the idea of doing something the easy way, or if you for some reason need to install manually, see my post: “For the Masochists.”

Known issues

You can view or log new issues via the links below (when in doubt, just use the first link):

NameKnown Issues
Install and uninstall toolsIssues List
Python scripts supporting BrewPi
Issues List
Website filesIssues List
Arduino firmwareIssues List