Read Me First!

The single most important thing for my visitors to understand is that I have not created, I have modified. All credit, all accolades, are due to Elco Jacobs, the person who conceived of BrewPi. Please visit, and ideally support his project by purchasing the far more capable BrewPi Spark.

Elco made the decision some years back to abandon the Arduino, the controller which lies at the heart of the project, in favor of a far more capable controller. This allowed him to add even more features which Home Brewers were asking for. It still remains open source, as the original Arduino work was, and an industrious and crafty Home Brewer can make his or herself a BrewPi Spark because of Elco’s work and his generosity in making the project open source.

I will not sell ANYTHING here. I will not sell you a board, I will not sell you a case, I will not even sell you my time. This is a site dedicated to what Elco preserved as the “Legacy Branch” of BrewPi which supported Arduino. I’ve taken that and massaged it a bit but all credit goes to Elco, without whom none of this would be possible.

Why are you still reading? Go visit and support Elco’s work!

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